Clinical Support Services Opportunities

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Impact the lives of our patients by joining our irreplaceable Support Services team that ensure the smooth operation of our medical services. Explore opening across a variety of specialities.

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Departments of Clinical Support Services Opportunities

Anesthesia Technicians

Our technicians assist anesthesiologists and ensure the safety of patients during surgery and other procedures. Be part of this journey and save lives.

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Cardiac Science Department

Cardiac Scientists Department includes catheterization laboratory technicians, cardiovascular technologists, and cardiac perfusionists. These highly skilled aprofessionals operate and monitor critical equipment catheter procedures.

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Clinical Support Unit

The Clinical Support Unit includes roles in pharmacy, clinical nutrition, and physiotherapy. These experienced professionals complement the care of patients throughout their treatment journeys.

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Complementary Medicine

The Complementary Medicine Department includes various non-invasive therapies that enhance the results of traditional methods, including acupuncture, chiropractic care, osteopathy, and massage. i. .

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Clinical Nutrition Department

Our Clinical Nutrition Department quality care to patients with chronic diseases and to inpatients during recovery, including development of personalized nutrition plans.

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Infection Control Department

Our Infection Control Department provides an infection-free environment for staff and patients. They also establish sterilization and disinfection protocols.

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Radiology Department

Our Radiology Department depends on the latest equipment and finest specialists to manage treatment processes, facilitating the best health services to our patients.

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Laboratory Department

Our expert technicians and specialists follow international standards for collecting, handling, and testing samples to obtain the precise results needed for accurate diagnoses.

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Neuroscience Department

Our Neuroscience Department closely monitors the mental health conditions of our patients, and uses interdisciplinary measures to assess problems and provide the necessary care.

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