Business Services Opportunities

Supporters of Growth and Development

Business Services facilitate management across various functions, including but not limited to finances, legal affairs, audit and control, human resources, and supply chain. Join now and play a role in keeping our daily operations running.

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Departments of Business Services

Branding and Communication

Branding and communication are storytellers. They craft clear messages about our identity and services. Feel that spark inside? Check out our openings.

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Experience Improvement Department

Our Experience Improvement Department designs the overall experience of patients. This dedicated team maintains strong relationships with patients and collects data to improve our services.

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People Management Department

The People Management Department is the superhero of our organization,attracting talent, training and developing teams, and improving the overall work environment.

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Operations Department

Catering, laundry, housekeeping, safety and security, supply chain, and utility personnel all work together to ensure our facilities are running at optimal capacity.

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Finance Department

The Finance Department oversees accounting functions, budgeting decisions, economic analysis, and overall business growth. The Finance Department is the engine that powers our business.

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Facility Management and Safety (FMS)

The FMS Department ensures the safe and efficient operation of the hospital's physical facilities and infrastructure, including managing safety regulations.

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Legal Affairs Department

The Legal Affairs Department provides legal advice and representation to SGH and its staff, and handles contracts, litigation and the design of internal policies

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

RCM manages patient care finances, , improves SGH's financial performance and invests in resources that can potentially improve the patient experience at SGH.

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